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For the Love of Money


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Spend just half an hour reviewing the nonsense, lunacy, perversions, debauchery, abominations and crap that is modern American “christianity” and you’ll know what I mean:


Warning: do not view on a full stomach

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Not surprisingly, the recent “conversion”of Hank Hanegraaff to Eastern Orthodoxy has generated a lot of confusion and discussion.

My concerns?  First of all, what is so special about Hank (“Bible Answer Man”) that Christians blindly seek him out to help them understand the Bible? There are far more knowledgeable biblical scholars and theologians who can answer questions way more accurately, and their books, —and now, thanks to the Internet— articles and lectures are readily available.

Secondly: we all have access to the same Holy Spirit to help illuminate the text as we read and study the Word of God.

But no: many Christians are too damn lazy to study the Word for themselves.

I have never cared for the “Bible Answer Man” and Hank’s recent confusion/conversion to Orthodoxy is just one more reason why I would not recommend him to anyone.

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I am ashamed to be Asian at times, like right now, after reading this article in the local paper, titled “Chinese Christians for Trump”. To quote just one sentence which sums it all up:

… Chinese evangelical Trumplicanism in Metro Vancouver may have little to do with either ‘Chinese people’ or ‘evangelical theology,’ and everything to do with an ideology of law-and-order stability on the world stage in order to protect whatever material prosperity they’ve amassed.

Are these stupid ch*nks reading the same Bible as I am?

Again, stating the obvious for those whose lightbulbs are dim: this has nothing to do with my opinion of Trump or Clinton and everything to do with what’s wrong with a large segment of modern evangelicalism.

Clearly, for these Chinese Christians, Caesar (Trump), NOT Jesus, is Lord.

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