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Feeling restless, I’ve been mindlessly meandering through the Internet (not a good idea) and stumbled across a mishmash of stuff:

“You are a beautiful, chosen, special woman of God. There is no one in the world like you!”

I appreciate Phylicia’s thoughtful rant against this, but want to add one more point.  Namely, the reason why (some) women need to feel special and affirmed, in “ministry”, in particular. And though it seems a knee-jerk reaction to blame it on evangelical patriarchy, nevertheless, I am dismayed at how women’s role in church is often diminished. While I used to be a card-carrying complementarian, I eventually had enough questions that I shifted my position, though not quite fully embracing egalitarianism. I found it telling that Phylicia never alluded to this in her article. As well, because of their lack of opportunities to use their gifts, the whole “women’s ministries” was birthed. While I totally understand why and appreciate their usefulness to many women, it saddens me that this has to be outside of the church; I have my reservations about parachurch ministries of any sort.

As one who has made many New Year resolutions over the years, I no longer do so — partly out of frustration for failing to keep them 😉 and because I found the whole exercise artificial. With this in mind, I found Jon Bloom’s article One Thing Worth Everything: How to Let Go of Resolutions helpful and insightful.

Resolutions also are revealing because they demand devotion, and we cannot willingly devote ourselves to something we don’t really want (at least not for long). So, what we resolve to pursue reveals what our hearts really desire.

Our resolves are not necessarily the goals we have set. They are what we won’t allow other things to interfere with. They are not our good intentions; they are our determinations, the real life dictators of how we spend our time.

Last night, I chanced upon this movie, “The Pastor’s Wife”, which is based on a true story:

While movies like this certainly bring much delight to skeptics and atheists, I am deeply saddened by the themes touched on in the story: the stresses and strains of the “clerical professionalism”, abuse of male headship, living a double life, and co-dependency between pastor and congregation. These are heavy topics and I hope to address them in future posts.

Lastly, this article surfaced in the course of my surfing: 20 Reasons Why Your Church May Not be Growing by Dr. James Emery White. While I don’t agree with his notion of church growth (I’m more interested in church multiplication), some of the items on his checklist are worth considering. I found some of the wording rather strange, e.g.:

Your lead communicator does not have the spiritual gift of communication.

I am not sure why he chose to use the phrase “spiritual gift of communication”.

Your leader(ship) does not have the spiritual gift of leadership.

If they don’t have that gift, why are they leaders?! Well, yes, I know, we can be mistaken about people’s gifts, but seriously, even about something straightforward like “leading”?

Your church structure stifles leadership, innovation and front-line decision-making.

Not sure what the author had in mind here, but I have my own ideas about church structure.

Your location is counter-productive.

Ummm, like in America, in some cities, there’s a church building on almost every corner?

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