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Going South

The exposé  of the sexual abuses in the Southern Baptist Convention in the Houston Chronicles has generated a lot of buzz on social media, following on the heels of other well-publicized cases: Bill Hybels, and the Catholic priests in Pennsylvannia. In my mind, the common link in all these tragic cases (and countless others) is a faulty leadership model, mindset and motives. Simply put, concentrating power in the hands of a “Senior” or “Lead” pastor, whose mindset is more about ruling than serving as a slave of Christ, and whose motive is driven by unbridled ambition and aspirations for empire building … well, it is to be expected that NPD will eventually result in these abusive acts.

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The #MeToo and #ChurchToo movements have shed light on the widespread pervasiveness of sexual abuse and broken dynamics between men and women in the Church. From saddening stories of evangelical churches like the recent tragic news coming out of Willow Creek to decades-long coverups by the Catholic church, no part of the church seems to be immune.

But we believe the Holy Spirit is at work even in this darkness, calling us to stand in solidarity with our sisters, to proclaim truth about the full humanity of women as God created them, and to press on together in the hope that Jesus is making all things new.

Read more here: The Church’s Sexual Abuse Crisis: Our Open Letter to Women in the Church

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