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Franklin Graham, “who will preside at Trump’s inauguration as U.S. president on Jan. 20 will lead a Vancouver crusade that has already been protested by some of the city’s Christian leaders.” The full article can be read here.

I am not going to give into the temptation to comment on Graham’s remarks on Muslims, gays or politics.

On his annual salary ($880,000 ?), I try to keep my eyes on my hero instead: Paul the apostle, who went out of his way to avoid burdening his churches financially by being a tentmaker. Paul’s entire life and ministry was characterized by weakness, foolishness, smallness and suffering — he truly lived a cruciformic life.

I was going to comment on Graham’s evangelistic efforts, but enough has been written about his father and “crusade evangelism” in the past that I need not say anymore. It seems that such mass evangelistic efforts fit in even more in this day of megachurches and CEO super-pastors. Why not bring in the big celebrity “Evangelist”? Why not build on daddy’s brand?


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