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Being stuck in bed nursing a bad flu, I alternate between reading books in my Kindle collection and listening to interesting lectures on YouTube. (And sleeping in between)

I just finished listening to an enlightening and entertaining talk by one of my favourite theologians (Kevin Vanhoozer, currently at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School) engaging one of my favourite NT scholars (Tom Wright, University of St Andrews) on that topic of endless debate, the New Perspective on Paul.

Given the contentiousness of the NPP, I appreciated Dr. Vanhoozer’s call to beat our “diatribic swords into dialogic ploughshares” when engaging in debate. In particular, he lists dialogic virtues for us to cultivate and employ: honesty, fairness, clarity, and, above all, humility. Sadly, it is rare to see disagreement between Christians undertaken with such dialogic virtues.

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