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Busyness and Being Still

As I slowly get more involved with church life, I feel simultaneously exhilarated and (emotionally) exhausted. From attending church only once every 4 – 6 weeks 18 months ago—and only at the behest of my wife—to looking forward now to being with my church family every Sunday plus:

  • LifeGroups,
  • choir (on an ad hoc basis),
  • setting up our church’s information portal,
  • weekly meetings with our lead teaching pastor,
  • semi-regular meetings with our pastor of care,
  • Alpha,
  • and sitting in / helping out with the youth Sunday school class (and hoping to mentor our youth (“next gen”) pastor)

Of course, I need not mention my duties as a full-time employee, father, and husband. I am also a member (and executive officer) of 2 Toastmasters clubs and a board member of a ministry. On top of all that, renewed biblical and theological studies in earnest. This would explain why my blogging output has diminished considerably of late!

Clearly, such a pace is not sustainable or advisable. Obviously, I need to align my church activities more along my spiritual gifts; but, in practice, that is not always easy. On the one hand, I have to wait upon the Lord for opportunities to serve with my gifts; on the other hand, I feel burdened to help out wherever and whenever I can—woe is me!

The discerning reader will rightly wonder where there is space in my life for solitude and prayer. Such is my dilemma … Martha or Mary?

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– e.e. cummings (from 95 poems, 1958)

This poem captures how I felt this past Sunday.

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