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By creating a narrative of an evil “deep state” and casting himself — a powerful white man of immense generational wealth — as a victim in his own right, Trump not only tapped into the religious right’s familiar feeling of persecution, but he also cast himself as its savior, a man of flesh who would fight the holy war on its behalf. “There’s been a real determined effort by the left to try to separate Trump from his evangelical base by shaming them into, ‘How can you support a guy like this?’ ” Jeffress tells me. “Nobody’s confused. People don’t care really about the personality of a warrior; they want him to win the fight.” And Trump’s coming to that fight with a firebrand’s feeling, turning the political stage into an ecstatic experience — a conversion moment of sorts — and the average white evangelical into an acolyte, someone who would attend rallies with the fever of revivals, listen to speeches as if they were sermons, display their faithfulness with MAGA hats, send in money as if tithing, and metaphorically bow down, again and again, at the altar of Donald Trump, who delivers the nation from its transgressions.

Alex Morris, False Idol — Why the Christian Right Worships Donald Trump

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A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

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Crossing the Line

Something broke in America in the past week or two. We have been spiraling downward since Trump’s election, but in these early days of spring 2019, we have crossed a line. The president and his men began asserting that they were above the law—and effectively no one in our system did anything to stop them.

David Rothkopf, Trump & Co. Are Crossing Big, Bright Red Lines—and They’re Getting Away With It

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A Godly President

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Upon hearing of yet another book on Trump (“Fear” by veteran journalist Bob Woodward), I am saddened that so much time and ink continues to flow around him when there are other pressing matters that remain largely unnoticed. But to be honest, most of my attention, angst and anger lies with the American evangelicals who idolize Trump and fawn over him like silly and senseless sycophants.

I confess that I am still unable to muster up enough charity and inner peace to calmly convey my profound disappointment, disgust and disillusionment concerning the state of American evangelicalism.  As such, I am grateful for those voices who are not afraid to tell it like it is and refuse to bow to the Orange Calf.

Let’s survey some of these faithful, eloquent and prophetic voices:

Jim Meisner, Jr. begins his piece with this powerful indictment: “For nearly 40 years, Evangelicals preached dire sermons against a godless, sin-soaked culture focused on wealth, immorality, celebrity, sexual promiscuity and worldly power. On Aug. 27, they celebrated it.” Amen! Stop there, no need to say anymore. The 100 idolatrous “evangelicals”who were there  (Jerry Falwell Jr., Franklin Graham, James Dobson, Ralph Reed and others of their ilk, but also prosperity preachers like Kenneth Copeland and Paula White) prostituting themselves and praising him as if he was the Messiah.


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Benjamin Corey’s 10 signs that you are a follower of Trumpianity:

7. You instinctively applaud when Trump threatens to “bomb the shit” out of people, but quickly push back if someone quotes what Jesus taught about violence and enemy love.

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Franklin Graham, “who will preside at Trump’s inauguration as U.S. president on Jan. 20 will lead a Vancouver crusade that has already been protested by some of the city’s Christian leaders.” The full article can be read here.

I am not going to give into the temptation to comment on Graham’s remarks on Muslims, gays or politics.

On his annual salary ($880,000 ?), I try to keep my eyes on my hero instead: Paul the apostle, who went out of his way to avoid burdening his churches financially by being a tentmaker. Paul’s entire life and ministry was characterized by weakness, foolishness, smallness and suffering — he truly lived a cruciformic life.

I was going to comment on Graham’s evangelistic efforts, but enough has been written about his father and “crusade evangelism” in the past that I need not say anymore. It seems that such mass evangelistic efforts fit in even more in this day of megachurches and CEO super-pastors. Why not bring in the big celebrity “Evangelist”? Why not build on daddy’s brand?

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Profile of a Trump Supporter

I just came across this podcast and since I did get caught up with the whole election spectacle, I thought it would be only fair if we heard from a sister-in-the-Lord who voted for Trump:



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I am ashamed to be Asian at times, like right now, after reading this article in the local paper, titled “Chinese Christians for Trump”. To quote just one sentence which sums it all up:

… Chinese evangelical Trumplicanism in Metro Vancouver may have little to do with either ‘Chinese people’ or ‘evangelical theology,’ and everything to do with an ideology of law-and-order stability on the world stage in order to protect whatever material prosperity they’ve amassed.

Are these stupid ch*nks reading the same Bible as I am?

Again, stating the obvious for those whose lightbulbs are dim: this has nothing to do with my opinion of Trump or Clinton and everything to do with what’s wrong with a large segment of modern evangelicalism.

Clearly, for these Chinese Christians, Caesar (Trump), NOT Jesus, is Lord.

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A Breath of Fresh Air

Whatever one can say of Francis Schaeffer’s “wayward” son, I love how he pulls no punches in his rant against Trump:

Unlike the majority of the brainless evangelical turds who continue to kiss Trump’s fat butt.

Note: this does NOT mean I am a a fan of Hilary either!

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