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A Word from the Lord

Today, the Lord gave me a word of encouragement through IB, who spoke a prophetic word of caution, challenge and comfort. Much of what he had to say was applicable to the current state of affairs at my church. This is the same shepherd who, shortly after he met me, discerned and diagnosed my reluctance to return to the messiness of church life again:

… the real reason you are so cautious about re-entering church again, is that it again exposes your heart to the potential of (what I call) “love wounds,” of being damaged and disappointed by those you have loved so deeply. So that puts you in a real bind, my brother. You are forever going to be discontent with “shallow, show-up, go-home, change-nothing church.” But to go deep again is going to expose your heart again to the risk of pain… (email conversation; Oct 20, 2015)

His message today was both an affirmation and an “agony” for me. I feel even more torn after hearing his timely, relevant and heartfelt message …

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The Best Days are Ahead!

I was recently listening to a message as while I was working on some monotonous tasks and was only half paying attention. That is, until I heard the speaker ask about what is our “most productive decade of life”.  Citing the work of leadership coach/consultant Bobb Biehl, he said that we are most productive when we are in our 60s!  Surprised?  Then the next most productive stage of our lives is when we’re in our 70s.  Finally, the third most productive decade of life is when we’re in our 50s.

We live in a … youth-obsessed culture and people think: “Well I’ll get to 40 or 45, or maybe 50 and that’s the peak and then it’s all downhill from there, it’s a slow decline you know”.

He [Bobb Biehl] said that we have it wrong when we use terms like over the hill. He said, “In my experience, the 50s people have just gotten to know themselves enough that they’re really meaningfully entering into their life’s work, they’re hitting their stride and by their 60s and 70s they have so much to offer others. At time when their natural energy is declining their strategic energy is just peaking … the best days are ahead!”

As one who struggles with getting old and feeling washed up (especially in church), this was a much-needed tonic. You know, when I pause to reflect on this, I see there is much truth to what he said. Huh! This old guy’s not done yet! The best days are ahead!

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